And so with the killswitch engaged we enter the end days of Spunland PSH. What next you ask? - forget that, lets enjoy every minute of the Spun fun that is!

The final day of PlayStation® Home happens to be a tuesday - a coronation day. On that apocalyptic day the 74th Kings of Spun will be crowned, meaning there are 6 more regal titles to be claimed! All hail our current Spun Majesty, the 70th such - winning in NA as dxkills16 and in the EU as NeoDx_1. See you at the coronations!

Big Spun thanks all the many spunlings who have made the spun fun what it's been, there are too many too name, but lets give it a go anyway: sam_reynolds01, LegoFire, goddessbunny42, CandyDragon, dragonpirate, smokingpistol, CathedralDream, Akina8373, lilmonstersmiler, he-who-wants-never-to-be-named, Darth-Matt92, StealingHearts, Imhokh, luukhoekstra, abhraham_us, JamCarOne, kwoman, phatso64, Ren_Echo, GreyNeo and dxkills16
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