uncle spun
Once every week Uncle Spun left his post at the Spunland Shop to announce the King of Spun Contest. Should you have appeared in Spunland during this time you would have been asked if you wished to join the contest, accepting this honour would reset your current Spun Points to zero. The contest would last for 30 minutes.

Whoever held the Spun Crown at the allotted time was coronated, becoming the new King of Spun. They received the special Spun Crown LMO reward and had the opportunity of joining the prestigious roll of Spun Sovereigns by having their photo taken. The 74th and final Kings of Spun can be seen below.

To become the King of Spun one simply approached the Spun Crown and claimed it. Should the current King have more Spun Points than you, your claim would fail. The Spun Crown would always shrink during a Spun Storm and be reset at the beginning of each new Spun Harvest...

spun king register
Spun King NA
Spun King NA
The Complete list of all 74 Spunland Coronations.